Three top reasons to become a superyacht engineer

An engineering job on a superyacht can be a challenging but rewarding career. Many people know the perks of being a ‘yachtie’ – from amazing travel opportunities to the chance to make friends for life… but why would you choose to fulfil the engineer position on a superyacht?

We’re taking a look at three top reasons to become a superyacht engineer…

1) Leadership potential and transferable skills

If you’re setting your sights on being a superyacht captain one day, working your way up as an engineer is a great way to reach your career goal.

The captain is expected to be the ultimate authority on the yacht, so your background and experience in engineering will mean you’ll have an in-depth understanding of all the onboard systems. This means you’ll have the potential to be a confident, inspiring leader, so it’s no wonder many engineers go on to hold these sorts of positions.

When it comes to transferable skills, as an engineer you’ll have the chance to develop these with each position you take as new challenges arise.

Although many engineers choose to spend their career in the superyacht industry, others use their experience to move into another field, such as shore-side engineering.

While other superyacht positions, such as deckhands and stewards, may find their options limited to hospitality, the skills engineers develop means their future options lie both within and beyond the yachting industry.

2) Salary and prestige

Amongst the crew, engineers are often well-respected due to the integral role they play in keeping systems operational, and the cool head they can bring to any situation that arises..

These important contributions to the smooth running of the yacht mean that the skills and experience of superyacht engineers are recognised with higher pay. For those that are committed to continually learning and expanding their skillset with training and certifications, such as those offered by The Superyacht Professor, the salary amounts continue to grow.

3) Variety and challenges

If being stuck at a desk doing the same job day in, day out is your worst nightmare, superyacht engineering could be the job for you.

You’ll never have a predictable day as an engineer, and even though the whole crew will try to ensure everything keeps running smoothly, things will break that will need your attention. This can vary hugely, from working on the engine, to fixing a tender or water toy.

A change in the weather could also create a sudden situation that requires engineering support – as the engineer you’ll be the one your crew turn to for a speedy resolution.

Sounds good? If you’re just getting started in your superyacht engineering career, or if you’re ready to progress up the ladder, take a look at our upcoming courses that are designed to fit your schedule and support your ambitions.


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