Process Transmitters

Two simple questions:

  • How do we best represent variable ‘process’ values on board a superyacht?
  • And how to get that signal safely from one end of the vessel to the other?

Examples would be:-

  • engine exhaust temperature,
  • a tank level, or
  • a loading level on a performance superyacht sailing rig.

The answer is we like to try to use a process ‘transmitter’, which converts the process variable (temperature, level, loading in tons etc.) to a current signal which we can send around a two wire ‘loop’, in the range of 4-20mA. This has grown up as an industry standard over many decades all over the world in many process industries.

And we can and do usefully use that principle all over the modern superyacht, as shown below:-

[(*) For much more in-depth information and training on sensor systems, see module 10 of our course: Electrical Control Systems for superyacht engineers, where in a practical session I show you how to test and troubleshoot these types of sensors]

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