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Module 1


We start with current flow fundamentals, from electrons up, with revision of units and symbols for electricity, then understanding basic electrical circuits using analogies.

Module 2


We help you to develop your basis troubleshooting toolkit for modern electrical & electronic systems.

Module 3


Enhance your deeper circuit understanding by applying basic electrical measurements rigorously. With hands-on, custom practical (Didactic 01) after mid-afternoon break. Like the famous Sherlock Holmes, we make you very curious about current.

Module 4


We take an in depth look at batteries, chargers and inverters. And some of the latest development in hybrid systems

Module 5


How do distributed controls work on board; with introduction to Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs).

Module 6


Shore power; an introduction to single phase and three phase systems. With practical measurements by guided video instruction, after mid-afternoon break..

Module 7


We delve into hydraulic controls for large sailing vessels. A big subject with big powers and enormous loads!

Module 8


Drives primer: Variable frequency drives vs. soft starters

Module 9


In this second big module on generators, we look in depth at the controls and power management systems. With practical video training of multiple generator set-up, from synchronisation through to load-sharin

Module 10


With this primer on measurement methods and sensor interfacing you’ll be equipped to understand almost 99% of sensors found on the modern superyacht.

Module 11


Now you’ll be ready to deeply understand Alarm Monitoring (& control) Systems in this module, bringing together much content from the previous modules

Module 12


Programmable Logic Controllers, the biggest module. You’ll understand purpose and functions on board and be able to speak their language, with a guided practical (Didactic 02) to PLC graphical programming.

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