How to find a superyacht engineer job

Engineering requirements on superyachts are almost limitless. Superyacht engineers need to have an extensive skill set for their day to day tasks, but this also gives many engineers great career prospects as they work their way up the ladder.

We’ve taken a look at some of the different types of engineering roles that can exist on superyachts, plus some great platforms to find a superyacht engineering job.

What are the different types of superyacht engineering jobs?

Chief Engineer – A very well paid, respected role. A chief engineer supervises engineers/deck staff and manages all engineering and electrical operations. There may just be one engineer on smaller yachts.

Second/Third Engineer – Works under the chief engineer, they will need to have a large amount of knowledge, as they will work across all/most of the engineering onboard, depending on the skills of the other engineering staff.

Electrical Technical Officer (ETO) – Sometimes known as AV/IT or Electronics Engineer. Expected to take care of the day-to-day maintenance of all electronic, computer, audio/visual and communications equipment, making sure it’s efficiently operating. This could be lots of systems on a large superyacht.

Dual-deck Engineer – A cross between a deckhand and an engineer, this position involves deck jobs as well as some engineering-type duties (very much depends on the yacht and its needs).

Assistant Engineer – This is an entry-level role on larger yachts, it’s a great opportunity to learn and gain lots of experience, helping all other members of the engineering team.

Tender Engineer – A role that’s usually only found on large superyachts, where the main responsibilities are to look after the tenders and other watersports equipment when necessary.

Where can I find a superyacht engineering job?

YPI Crew are one of the leading international yacht crew agents, they strive to be the first choice for recruitment in the yachting industry. 

They have an extensive amount of knowledge and are experts in superyacht recruitment. Working in accordance with MLC 2006 they ensure they have access to a well-regulated recruitment and placement system.

Quay Crew are a small team, but have over 36ys combined recruitment experience, 24yrs specifically within the superyacht industry. They have worked with some of the most prestigious yachts in the industry and some of the best recruitment companies in the UK. 

They pride themselves on making crew recruitment personal and building strong long-term relationships with both the clients and candidates, so they place the right crew on the right yachts!

Insignia Crew source, recruit and place outstanding professionals by specialising in drawing candidates from an elite pool of those that have served in the British Armed Services. 

Their trusted recruitment service delivers excellence via a premium, discrete, and personal approach. They have wide knowledge, experience and understanding of the superyacht industry.

Blue Water is a modern yacht crew agency, with a friendly vibe and a professional focus. They have grown into one of the largest and most successful yacht crew recruitment agencies in the world, centering themselves in all the main yachting hubs.

Whether you’re starting a new career as a superyacht engineer, or are looking to develop your skills and experience to progress into a more senior position, our superyacht engineering and electrical training courses will help you take the next step. Find out more on our Upcoming Courses page.

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