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Engineer Life

How do I become an engineer on a superyacht?

Whether you’re thinking about your job options after education, or considering a change of career, if you’re interested in engineering, working on a superyacht could be a brilliant option.

Electrical circuits

Keeping water out of electrical circuits on board

Electrical conductors and enclosures containing electrical and electronic equipment need to prevent water from entering and affecting operation and possibly breaking down insulation.

Ingress Protection

Ingress protection (IP) ratings explained

The marine environment is harsh and often has a high chance of water entering boxes where it shouldn’t. How do I know if I have the right level of protection in a box or enclosure against water ingress?


‘Galvanic isolators’ vs isolation transformers

There’s an inherent problem connecting shore power to a vessel, where a common connection through the earth bonding to an adjacent vessel (or marina metal pilings) can cause an unintended circuit to be formed which causes your sacrificial anodes to become quickly eroded


Checking a diode

Diodes are electrical one-way valves and are used in many applications in boat from large to small, but you may not recognise them at first. I showed you the diagram of the galvanic isolator elsewhere which comprises 4 diodes arranged like below, but how do you test one?

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