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Engineer Life

Where could a superyacht engineer go next?

Whether you are new to the industry or have a large amount of qualifications and experience, anyone can potentially become a superyacht engineer, there are courses that range from beginner to expert.

Electrical circuits

Process Transmitters

Two simple questions:

How do we best represent variable ‘process’ values on board a superyacht?
And how to get that signal safely from one end of the vessel to the other?

Electrical circuits

What is power factor?

Or, why do we pay for AC power in kVA rather than in kilo Watts?


Different UPS types

Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS) can appear in many places around a superyacht.

Electrical circuits

Protecting contacts from arching

Why do relay and other switching contacts seem to wear out faster than expected? This basic problem has an explanation that can often be reduced down to one word – inductance.

Engineer Life

How to find a superyacht engineer job

Engineering requirements on superyachts are almost limitless. Superyacht engineers need to have an extensive skill set for their day to day tasks, but this also gives many engineers great career prospects as they work their way up the ladder.

Engineer Life

Three top reasons to become a superyacht engineer

An engineering job on a superyacht can be a challenging but rewarding career. Many people know the perks of being a ‘yachtie’ – from amazing travel opportunities to the chance to make friends for life… but why would you choose to fulfil the engineer position on a superyacht?

Electrical circuits

Explain RMS (Root Mean Squared)

I’ve noticed that the common term ‘RMS’ causes confusion, fear and doubt in some superyacht engineers, when talking about electrical measurements, so we’re taking a look in more detail.


Are my Service Batteries any good?

There’s basically two methods I use to assess VRLA batteries condition; one is fast and easy, the second is slower but gives you valuable data.

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