The SuperYacht Professor

Specialist Training in Electrical Control Systems for ambitious Superyacht Engineers

Expand your knowledge of troubleshooting superyacht electrical control systems from the comfort of your cabin.

Calling all superyacht engineers and ETOs – if you’re looking to improve your skills and confidence when it comes to tackling some of the most common electrical system issues that can develop onboard, you’ve come to the right place.

The Superyacht Professor, Andy Ridyard, delivers online and offline training sessions that help professional superyacht engineers stay at the top of their game in a dynamic, cutting-edge industry.

The Superyacht Professor -
introducing Andrew Ridyard, CEng FIET

A graduate in electrical and electronic engineering with over 35 years experience, Andy combines his extensive engineering skill set with a lifelong passion for sailing to bring the highest level training and support to superyacht engineers and ETOs.

Running his own business for over a decade, Andy is called upon to provide custom electical and engineering solutions for superyachts across the globe, from the Caribbean to the Mediterranean and beyond.

As his knowledge and reputation has grown, Andy has created a range of detailed, specialist training courses to help superyacht engineers and ETOs troubleshoot electrical and engineering challenges onboard their vessels.

The typical onboard engineer is these days required to be fluent not only in mechanics but in electronics, fluid dynamics, material selection, control engineering and systems engineering. This vast range of equipment on board a superyacht, which is constantly challenged by the elements, can go wrong at any time, sometimes in fairly dangerous ways. We’re there to fill the gaps with all those extra skills.

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